Attractive, Economical Lifetime AMC Scheme

Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010

Dear Esteemed Client,

We thank you for your continued support to Navia Markets Ltd. It has been our continuous endeavor to provide our clients like you the best of Products and Schemes.
We are very glad to announce that now our resident clients can pay Rs.900/- and NRI Clients can pay Rs.2500/- and enjoy lifetime subscription to our DP Services. Existing clients can sign up and enjoy AMC free DP Service for next 10 years.

Revised Charges:

Particulars Charges
DP Account Opening Charges NIL
Account Maintenance Charges for Resident individual Client with Broking Account Rs.900/- Life time AMC *
Account Maintenance Charges for Resident individual Client Account  with Broking Account Rs.500/- p.a.*
Annual Maintenance Charges for Non Resident Client Account Rs.1000/- p.a.*
Annual Maintenance Charges for Resident DP account without Broking Account and all types of Corporate DP Accounts Rs.1000/- p.a*
Account Maintenance Charges for Non Resident individual Client with Broking Account Rs.2500/- Life Time AMC *
*This AMC is exclusive of Service Tax and other levies as per Govt. of India.

Terms & Conditions for Life Time AMC:

  Life Time AMC means valid for 10 Years from the date of subscription.

 Life Time AMC is calculated as Rs.900/- p.a. for first Year in case of Resident Individual Clients and Rs.2500/- for first year in case of Non Resident Individual clients. For the balance 9 years, AMC is free. Signing of ETR (Electronic Transaction Receipt form) is mandatory if the clients opts for Life Time AMC

 This AMC is inclusive of Service Tax and other levies as per Govt. of India.

 Existing Account holders can also opt for this scheme. Adjustment of existing AMC will be done on quarterly basis. Balance amount can be paid and convert to this scheme.

 Life Time AMC Scheme is not applicable for - Only DP / Corporate Clients and separate schemes available for Only DP Clients. Details, contact our DP emailing at dp@naviamarkets.com.

Services that can be availed under this scheme:

 Dematerilisation: Convert your physical shares into electronic form

 Re-materilisation: Convert the dematerialised shares into physical form

 MF Holding: Convert the units of open-ended Mutual Funds into dematerialized units

 IPO: If applied, on allotment shares are transferred directly to the DP Account

 Pledge: Securities held in DP Account can be pledged to avail loan

 Securities Transfer: Transfer the holdings from one DP to other DP

 Online Access: At no extra cost you can check the holdings on our portal www.naviamarkets.com

 SMS Alerts: Mobile alerts on debit or credit transactions in the DP Account at free of cost

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Customers who wish to join the new lifetime AMC may download the DP RATE CARD from the link above and send the same duly signed to our corporate office along with a cheque favouring Navia Markets Limited. The Payment can alternatively be made through the Payment Gateway utility on website or by giving an email consent to debit your existing broking account with us.

Corporate Office: 'Ganga Griha' 4th & 5 th Floor,
No.9 (old No. 6D),
Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam Chennai - 600 034.
Tel : 044-39189449/39180410
Fax : 044-28214168

Please call 044 39189428 or email clientservice@naviamarkets.com for assistance/clarification in this regard.

Thanks & Regards;
Client Service Desk – Navia Markets Ltd